TIBCIS Scholarship


Texas International Business Community Involvement Scholarships (TIBCIS)

In recent years, thousands of Chinese students have come to United States to study and broaden their views. Unfortunately, as most scholarships for American schools are reserved for U.S. citizens, it’s very difficult for international students to obtain them. In an effort to provide an equal opportunity for international students as well as to encourage their involvement in the community, the Invest in Texas Initiative (IITI) is offering three categories of scholarships.

The Invest in Texas Initiative is a non-profit trade association of economic development officials, attorneys, consultants, developers, business owners and other related service providers. IITI's mission is to promote the Texas investment landscape internationally for the benefit of those stakeholders that are seeking foreign investment.  IITI also facilitates advocacy efforts on behalf of members at the state level.

As the Chinese proverb says, “The future is held in the hands of the young”. IITI would like to take this opportunity to give back to the community by helping these students and strengthening their relationships within the community.

TIBCIS Scholarships Introduction

Depending on your major and interests, we will assign relevant and appropriate volunteer work for you. If you are interested in any field please let us know--we will try to accommodate.


You must be holding a F1 visa with Chinese citizenship, non-US resident international student. Students should be currently attending high school or college in the US on a full time basis.

Award Type: 

The student should be highly motivated and responsible.  They should have a strong determination to succeed. During their volunteer efforts, we want to assist those students in developing strong leadership skills. The board members in the Scholarship Review Committee will make the final determination regarding scholarship awards. There will be three categories of awards:


-           Award: $200

-           Available: One Silver scholarship will be awarded per quarter


-          Award: $500

-          Available: One Gold scholarship will be awarded in the spring, and one in the fall. 


-          Award: $1000

-          One Platinum scholarship will be awarded per year.