The State of U.S.-China Trade Relations

 Attend IITI’s October conference to find out the latest on U.S. and China trade relations.

Attend IITI’s October conference to find out the latest on U.S. and China trade relations.

September 26, 2018

With the recent escalation of the trade war and tariff increases, U.S. and China economic relations just became even more complicated. Beijing says America is “putting a knife to China’s neck” and Washington accuses China of “economic espionage”. Where does the truth lie? And whose truth is it?

Invest in Texas Initiative, who’s mission is to bring foreign investments into Texas, plans to discuss the current China trade war head on during opening day of their 2018 Sino-Texas Business and Investment Forum. The nation’s leading expert, David Firestein, will give his analysis to the attendees at the state Capitol during the morning session. Firestein leads the China Public Policy Center at the U.T. LBJ School of Public Affairs.

Opening the session will be the top Chinese consul in America, Li Qiangmin. Ending the session will be Texas State Representative Eddie Rodriguez from Austin. Adding to the mix will be a group of Chinese investors searching for worthwhile projects to potentially invest. Adding even further in the mix are those Texas businesses searching for investors to grow and expand their businesses.

These potential investments will come from Chinese attendees representing wealth managements firms, corporations, entrepreneurs, and high net worth individuals. These investors are interested in Texas businesses needing capital to grow and motivated to be in Texas attracted by the Texas business friendly climate.

Invest in Texas Initiative is serving its mission by putting the two groups together in financial matchmaking style that helps all groups involved especially Texas. Investing in Texas means more jobs, a healthier tax base and further incentivizing Texas business ingenuity.

And the question goes - Will these tariffs foster more investment visits to and from the world’s two economic powerhouses? Will it create a more personal, hands-on commitment from both sides to further economic growth? And the answer goes - attend the IITI conference from Oct. 17th - 19th and find out.