Sputnik Accelerator Demo Day

Sputnik ATX Highlights Their Winter Portfolio at Demo Day

Sputnik’s Joe Merrill warms up the attendees before Demo Day starts.

Sputnik’s Joe Merrill warms up the attendees before Demo Day starts.

April 30, 2019 - Sputnik Accelerator’s Joe Merrill and Oksana Malyshava always host a great event especially when it comes to their projects. So on April 30th, attendees and investors were treated to a great event and presentations from their Winter Portfolio startups Vertalo, Tenavox, Adinmo, SaveDay, Vybe, College Hustle and Celadyne.

Each startup had 10 minutes to make their presentations and progress they’ve made since joining Sputnik late last year. Vertalo began the session updating their progress on their blockchain software technology giving investors more control and access to their much needed data for better decision making.

Tenavox is a web-based company that helps businesses find the best commercial real estate through other tenants testimonials. The program also gives you the tools to search and research the available landscape (pun intended) for your small business that best fits your location and price preference.

Adinmo is interesting where it has the software that can insert brands into video games as part of the game rather than a pop-up advertising window that just pisses off the gamer. If you’re racing your car through the game and fans are screaming you along the racetrack, you might see one of them with a tee shirt that dons the Thunderbird Coffee logo and the girl next to him with a Harley logo. That idea is clever. It’s going to happen no matter what so Adinmo is taking the lead in making it happen their way. They are now in the next fundraising round to continue their great momentum.

Sputnik ATX Oksana Malyshava hosts the investor crowd.

Sputnik ATX Oksana Malyshava hosts the investor crowd.

SaveDay is another good one where the company sets up retirement funds for employees at no cost to the employer. So it offers a great benefit for both the business and the employees. The business gets the program for free, the employees eliminate the middle man in the retirement investing and the investment structure they need for retirement. They’re having great momentum signing up businesses daily. They’re on the next fundraising round and should be an easy one to find the next investors.

College Hustle is a business some smart U.T. college students thought of when trying to find a part-time job to earn some money in this expensive city. The app will help U.T. students find a job within 48 hours and as they say, it is an employment app for U.T. students made by U.T. students. Hook ‘em.

Last but not least is Celadyne. Celadyne Technologies wants to replace the traditional fuel cell membrane with a nano ceramic membrane. It pushes the hydrogen economy using their membrane technologies to enable operation over a broad range of environmental conditions. Celadyne materials define a new generation of more efficient, reliable, and cost effective hydrogen devices, both fuel cells and electrolyzers. How’s that for pushing the future?

So what’s next for Sputnik? We should actually say who’s next as they will recruit another round of startups to join their accelerator and continue to push all boundaries in all spaces. Stay tuned to IITI for their official call for entries coming soon.