IITI's Holiday Happy Hour/Networking Event Does it's job

Military vet and artist Chris Van Loan, Sr. treat the holiday guests with an art tour of the current Austin ArtSpace exhibit.

Military vet and artist Chris Van Loan, Sr. treat the holiday guests with an art tour of the current Austin ArtSpace exhibit.

December 6, 2018 - Invest in Texas Initiative’s holiday happy hour and networking event showed why IITI’s here and stronger than ever. A group of the investment community that included venture firms, incubators, real estate developers, bankers, lawyers and economic development officials came together to swap stories of economic opportunities and enjoy some holiday cheer. The investment landscape spanned from a proposed air rail that can whisk you away from Austin to Los Angeles in 25 minutes to the real estate value and opportunities on the I 35 corridor from Austin to San Antonio.

The event was hosted and held at the Austin ArtSpace where local artists have permanent studios and a gallery that hosts rotating exhibits. The current exhibit featured art from military veterans and was the highlight of the event. Guests were treated to a tour of each art piece and the compelling stories behind them. Many were from veterans suffering from PTSD and how the process of creating their personal artwork helps the processing of their war experiences. The opportunity such as this exhibit also nudges them out to social events where they interact with other veterans and those interested in art. That’s important because many PTSD veterans will isolate themselves furthering their condition.

IITI’s holiday happy hour and networking event ended up being mission complete and successful. IITI’s mission is to connect investors with investees and all those who support the daunting task.

Next Coast Venture’s Senior Associate Ricky Garcia summed up the event nicely,

“We founded our firm on the premise that Texas -- and Austin in particular -- will be the next major hub for innovation and investment. Great events like this one hosted by the 'Investing in Texas Initiative' are a true testament to that phenomenon and it was great speaking with other investors and entrepreneurs who share the same outlook.”

IITI’s Dandan Zou and Richard May spoke about the momentum IITI is creating with the advent of a circle of international investors equaling $250 million to now international and domestic investors valuing $3 billion. These new investors span the range of industries from real estate to high tech and anything in between. And the countries that are interested in investing in Texas range from Australia, Europe and Asia.

IITI sends out many thanks to Mainstay Global for sponsoring the event. To view photos of the party, head over to our Flickr page.