IITI's Chinese New Year Celebration Toasted the Year of Wealth


February 14th - It is the Year of the Pig or, as some would rather call it, the Year of the Boar. So it was Boaring but not boring. Not at all. The 4th annual Invest in Texas Initiative’s Chinese New Year celebration featured a personal tour from Ceramic Master Artist Guo Aihe who started his world art exhibit tour in Austin, TX with IITI’s celebration as the second night of his opening at the Russell Fine Art Gallery. The family event featured special guest Judge Elisabeth Earle welcoming the attendees.

Adding to the event was some of the most talented students performing their piano, trumpet, dance and the traditional Chinese Guzheng instrument. It was a microcosm of America’s Got Talent. Along with art tour and talent, the event was a celebration of the Chinese Red Envelope tradition giving out gifts and prizes for lucky winners. Attendees were also treated to a table of traditional Chinese brushes to paint Chinese symbols on fans and scrolls.

IITI’s Chinese New Year celebration was sponsored by members Mainstay Global and Advanced Power Alliance. APA Executive Director, Jeff Clark was there to promote the investment opportunities in the wind and solar energy sectors. Mainstay’s Dandan Zou toasted the guests and offered a blessing of wealth that symbolizes the Year of the Pig. IITI Executive Director Richard May and IITI Promotions Manager Cici Zhu hosted the event.

Go to IITI’s Flickr page for the full photo capture.