IITI Tours China Promoting Invest in Texas

Invest in Texas Initiative President Dandan Zou Tours China Promoting Texas Conference and US Business/Investment Opportunities

September 12, 2018

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Invest in Texas Initiative (IITI) Chairwoman Dandan Zou will travel to Beijing, Shangai and Shenzhen for a 10-day tour beginning September 18th promoting Texas and IITI’s October business conference. IITI’s 8th annual Sino-Texas Business & Investment Forum features investor matchmaking, networking and forum topics such as the U.S. and China trade relations. The conference will be held October 17th– 19th in Austin, TX.

The first day of the conference will feature Chinese Consul General Li Qiangmin, LBJ School of Public Affairs’ China Public Policy Center David Firestein and Texas State Representative Eddie Rodriguez among others. These speakers will talk about the current China and U.S. trade relations in respect to this year’s conference mission promoting the positive business climate for Chinese investors.

Per the IITI Board of Director’s direction and key sponsor needs, this conference is aimed at driving direct results for both project owners and investors from rare high-quality commercial real estate projects to alternative energy and technology investment opportunities.

Zou’s schedule includes 3 events centered around Texas, IITI’s history and organizational resources. In addition, the chance for an early preview of one of the forum’s featured sponsors investment opportunity.

“Texas has many business opportunities for Chinese investors to profit, especially as the next and newest big wave of the US historical economic growth. The economic growth and regulatory friendly business environment provide foreign investors many options to generate a significant return on their investment,” remarks Dandan. “To Chinese businesses, entrepreneurs and investment firms we’re here to say ‘Welcome to Texas’.” 

The three-day conference holds morning seminars, featured speakers and forums centering around all aspects of the investment environment in U.S. but specifically in Texas. Afternoon and evening sessions feature investment matchmaking, site visits and networking events.

For more information on the conference or to register, go to IITI’s website at IITI.org.