Invest in Texas co-sponsors China Fundraising events for MG ReTech Self Storage Fund


Mainstay Global Travels to China Raising Funds for their MG ReTech Self Storage Fund

June 13, 2019 - Mainstay Global is ahead of schedule to raise their $30 million second round for their ReTech Fund. In less than a month, they have already raised a committed $5 million signifying the excitement this real estate and property technology has created. Their next strategy is raising funds in China with investor presentations in Bejing, Shenzen and Shangai beginning June 29th in Bejing. (See schedule below.)

Mainstay Global is one of the premier real estate international consulting firms based in Austin, TX. Their current ReTech Fund will lead the property and real estate technology space in the self storage industry through the complete automation from management to customer service of self storage facilities. Their DaVinci Lock proprietary software and hardware system integrates with current self storage software systems giving their scope of expansion to the estimated 52,000 self storage facilities in the U.S.

Mainstay Global’s Senior Partner Dandan Zou encourages Chinese and U.S. investors to attend the exclusive events to become part of the innovative fund. Attendees must secure a private invitation through Mainstay Global or the Invest in Texas Initiative association to attend. At this moment, Mainstay Global and its North Carolina operating partner are the only funds and companies transforming self storage facilities to be completely unmanned in the nation.

“We are very excited with the early momentum of funds raised that far exceeded our expectations,” remarks Zou. “The PropTech investment space is still unknown to much of the investment community. That makes our particular fund valuable in two ways - it’s simple to understand for investors and it’s an easy innovator. That combination equates into quick investments with high return.”

According to a March BisNow article, “major real estate investors are still conservative when it comes to PropTech.” That gives MG a competitive edge as they are a privately held company that can make swift decisions and move quickly.

The $30 million round will be used to acquire and convert an estimated 30 inefficiently managed properties over to project sponsor's automated unmanned management platform. The third fund will be $35+ million used to expand their territory and number of self storage units to modernize.

Subsequent MG Real Tech Self Storage Funds will continue the expansion as well as exploring other innovations in the PropTech space. Given the current 2nd fund raise momentum, MG feels very confident in its growth and expansion.

In order to secure an exclusive invite, attendees must contact Invest in Texas Initiative Executive Director, Richard May at (512-567-5972) or Mainstay Global’s Vivian Zou at (18019000330). Attendees must bring the physical invitation or pick-up the invitation at the event to attend. Invest in Texas Initiative is one of the co-sponsors for the Chinese investor roadshow as international investment to Texas businesses is part of IITI’s charter.

Thursday June 30th in Beijing at the Ranaissance Beijing Capital Hotel at 1:30 PM

Saturday July 6th in Shangai at the Private Club (1350 West Zhong Shan Rd.) at 1:30 PM

Sunday July 7th at Shenzhen Marriott Hotel Nanshan at 1:30 PM