Become an Invest in Texas Initiative Member to Gain Access to an Exclusive Investment Network

IITI has created a foreign and domestic investor network reflecting an investment value of more than $3 billion. From investment companies throughout the world to domestic venture companies reflecting investment interest across the spectrum. Since IITI’s inception, we have helped facilitate more than $500 million investment turning it into $1.5 billion of total asset value. Join IITI and become part of the priority circle of IITI investors and investor services.

IITI’s programs provide unparalleled information and networking opportunities in the foreign and domestic investment space.  An IITI membership gives you the opportunity to connect with foreign investors as well as local businesspeople and investor service providers.  

To join, please complete and email Membership Form and Professional Code of Conduct to Richard May at Send payment through one of the methods outlined on the membership form.

IITI Standard Membership - $1,500 per year

For those companies seeking investment, investment firms seeking to invest and key decision makers in the investment process. Examples include project management, development, acquisition, investment, capital, developers and finance firms.

Membership payments can be broken down to $150 per month; $400 per quarter or $850 semi-annual.

IITI Associate Membership - $650

For those service providers in the investment process such as attorneys, bankers, consultants, accountants, academics, real estate brokers, engineers, architects, economists and those associated chambers of commerce, economic and community development corporations, government and nonprofits, and all others.

Membership payments can be broken down to $75 per month; $200 per quarter or $375 semi-annual.

IITI Sponsorship - Amounts and Levels vary per event

Sponsorship for networking events and conferences are available. Sponsorship rates and levels vary according to each event and provide a higher profile and access to the IITI membership and investment community. Contact IITI for the next available sponsorship opportunity.

Membership and Sponsorship benefits include priority access to foreign and domestic investors.

Exclusive access to member-only, networking events.

Discounted tickets to IITI forums, conferences and networking events.

Member feature stories and news on IITI website and newsletter.

Raise your company’s Google search ranking.

For international and domestic investors, we provide:

A search and selection process to ensure worthy candidates for investment.

A captive audience seeking foreign capital.

A set of professionals to support investments.

To become a member or have questions, contact Richard May at