Volunteer Opportunities

Invest in Texas Initiative is the touch point for foreign and domestic investors, foreign dignitaries, elected officials, business owners and much more. If you want to learn the ins and outs of how this trade association is bringing the world to Texas then jump in and volunteer.


Invest In Texas Initiative, Mainstay Global, Shell Real Estate, The Grove and The Proper just finished hosting the 2018 Sino-Texas Business & Investment Forum in Austin, TX. There were dozens of great volunteers who helped as translators and ambassadors on both sides of the continent.

Each year, we are grateful for our team of volunteers who commit their time and talents to help us ensure an impactful and seamless conference. Volunteers gain invaluable exposure and behind-the-scenes insights into the orchestration of a multi-day world-class conference.

More importantly, though, the lessons learned and experiences made are invaluable. Invaluable in terms of learning on how to put on a great conference to learning about U.S./China relations to the current investing dynamics of real estate and high-tech in Texas. These are volunteer experiences that will resonate in job interviews and stories to tell your friends and family.

Reach out to us to help in upcoming IITI events and learn a whole new world of international business and investment. If you're interested, please contact IITI Executive Director, Richard May at Richard.May@iitexas.org.