Africa and Vietnam offer Investment Opportunities

Austin hosts 3-day African Conference Helping Promote U.S. and African Business and Investment Opportunities

Musician Roland Kemokai performs at the U.S. - African Business Investor Conference

Musician Roland Kemokai performs at the U.S. - African Business Investor Conference

May 16, 2019 - African and Vietnamese business owners, investors and dignitaries flew into Austin to present their countries as great places to invest or to find investment opportunities here in Texas. From May 9th - 12th, U.S.-Africa hosted its 5th annual Cultural Expo, Business Matchmaking and Awards Conference. Her Excellency Ambassador Dr. Arikana Chihombori Quao was the keynote speaker and a national catalyst in promoting African business and unity.

The 3-day conference showcased African businesses, investors, dignitaries and vendors looking to promote African and U.S. trade. Much of the conference centered around networking, matchmaking and investor/business presentations. Presenters included high-tech companies of VR, MR and AR to newly developed technologies regarding road construction at half the cost and none of the negative environmental impact. Invest in Texas Initiative’s Richard May presented Texas startup investor opportunities for African investors.

One of the continuing themes was African business owners want their countries to develop direct business relationships with Texas businesses/investors as their governments are either too bureaucratically encumbered, at social unrest or compromised. Africans are eager and motivated to push their countries into the modern age which was one of the biggest reasons to attend the conference. When not talking business, the event featured cultural events from dancing, music and fashion.

“There are so many business opportunities in Africa and Africa is eager to take advantage of those opportunities. That is why this conference and the investor matchmaking is so important and for everyone to talk to each other and find business partners,” remarked conference organizer, Samuel Yamthe.

If anyone wants to learn more about the conference or business opportunities, please contact Samuel Yamthe at

On May 10th, the Austin Chamber of Commerce hosted a group of Vietnamese businesses and investors for a morning of presentations on the investment and tourist opportunities in Vietnam.

Vietnam is heavily in the manufacturing space whether cars, electronics, furniture, textiles and many others. Outside of the manufacturing space, solar is the closest an investor can come in any sort of high tech venture.

The biggest economic activity is at the northern and southern tips of the country. In between is filled with dense forest that attracts a lot of eco-tourists. Vietnam has spent decades developing a mutual friendly business and tourist relationship with the U.S. and is aggressive in accommodating any initiatives in that regard. If you have any questions regarding economic or investor opportunities with Vietnam, contact IITI Executive Director Richard May at